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In 1965, under the passion and lead of Amédée Ginies, numerous winegrowers of the Luberon decided to gather their strength, creativity and expertise to sell and add value to their wines to reach the prestigious label of the Appellation Controlée : Côtes du Luberon.


Facing the strong development of the Chain market channel, in 1974 the label Aiguebrun was launched as the symbol of the union of the North and South Winegrowers of the Luberon.


Our work in developping the Brand Parc and Agri confiance :

José Henri Olive, one of the Young winegrower says: “The strategy of the Brand Parc is one to improve a constant quality of the different wine parcels. This appellation of the Brand Parc requires us to follow very strict quality and security guidelines to respect and guarantee  to our best abilities our natural environment.”

Amandine Lernould, wine technicien : « The Brand Parc is synonymous of quality. Indeed, Our own internal requirements are developed under very strict rules and production needs. The respect for the environment is our main concern and lead all our winegrowing strategies and tactics. Each member of the union has to manage its own trash and always has the objective of improving our biodiversity.”

Philippe Tolleret, General director of the UVCL : « We could ensure each reader that this strategy answers  concrete expectations from our consumers. Moreover, this strategy of developing the brand Parc had also strengthened the already tight relationships we have between our winegrowers, each winery and our technicians. It showcases the principals of the Cooperative model and enhances its social and human values.”