In 1965, under the passion and lead of Amédée Ginies, numerous winegrowers of the Luberon decided to gather their strength, creativity and expertise to sell and add value to their wines to reach the prestigious label of the Appellation Controlée : Côtes du Luberon.



Facing the strong development of the Chain market channel, in 1974 the label Aiguebrun was launched as the symbol of the union of the North and South Winegrowers of the Luberon.

In 2005, This union was a revolution in the wine industry. They went further and lead the entire wine production of the area under the Ecocert /agriconfiance certification. It enhances a strong and key partnership with the Natural parc of the Luberon to guarantee a complete respect of the environment with always in mind the principles of the agriculture durable. Then, the original brand was born: Amédée, Vignerons en Parc Naturel.

Parc Naturel Régional du Luberon